Extraction of avocado pulp for guacamole


Omip’s avocado pitting machine Mod. KAV2 separates the avocado into two halves without damaging the pulp. Designed for the needs of the producers of guacamole and other avocado-based products, this unit can be combined with the avocado pulper, to which the previously pitted and sliced fruit is fed.

The operators working at the outfeed inspection belt, manually pick up the halves and place them “cup-down” onto the feeder belt that conveys them to the pulper and deposits them on a perforated drum. A fruit-pressing belt progressively restricts the passage section of the fruit, causing a slight pressure on the product.

This allows the soft pulp to pass through the holes on the drum. Through the rotation of the drum, the skin is then expelled towards an exit, while the pulp continues its course through a different outlet, to allow subsequent processing.

Approximately 1 ton of pulp can be extracted from 1.5 tons of avocado. The machine components are in stainless steel and can be disassembled in 15 minutes for cleaning.