Automatic pallet handling


ecsOrogel expansion of automatic pallet handling equipment required solutions for connecting the different production departments with the cooling cell and the frozen-food storage area (-25°C). The task was made more difficult since the facility is crossed by the main road. This problem has been resolved by ECS Material Handling with an automatic pallet handling system with suspended self-propelled trucks running on an approximately 1 km long patented monorail that links the different departments. Fifteen intelligent self-propelled trucks handle up to six pallets; they can receive and carry up to 1600 kg/pallet, and transfer them to the loading/unloading bays (constructed by ECS), as requested by the upper level. Thanks to two one-column elevators, the trucks can overcome the different levels of the facility. A tunnel running above the main road conveys the frozen food from the production line to the warehouse. The twin engine of the trucks optimizes the carried weights and solves the problem of dealing with climbs and descents. The control and management system, via wireless network and Wifi, can store and automatically handle all operations, ensuring the complete traceability and the continuance of the cold chain.

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