Conveyor belts for the bottling sector


BBM Packaging offers a wide selection of bottle conveyors, air conveyors and packs and case conveyors in the new 10,000 m2 showroom in Lenna (Bergamo).

It provides a six-month warranty on all used and overhauled conveyors and has stock with everything a customer may need for a turnkey supply.

The photo shows the single-lane accumulation table used to synchronize the bottles with the dynamic single-lane table. It is the ideal solution for distributing unstable products that need not ouch each other during production.

Its technical specifications are: Aisi 304 stainless steel structure; single closed-loop chain; mobile trolley pulled by a modular belt that prevents access to the dangerous parts of the machine; external safety sides.

The single-lane accumulation table is made with two modular chains on a parallel side running in opposite direction, and by a special driven mobile trolley equipped with container conveying chain that bings the containers from one lane to the other. This system is used to synchronize in a progressive way the product if there is a slowdown of downstream

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