Control on powders and granulates


RSL200 tuning-fork switches distributed by Comastri allow the control of thresholds set for powders and granules. The tuning fork is electrically excited and borates at its resonant frequency. When the product touches the sensor, the vibration amplitude is dampened.

The integrated electronics detects this damping and triggers a switching command. When the product frees the tuning fork, the sensor automatically restores the normal vibration amplitude. This principle is particularly indicated for use on powders and granulates, when changes in electrical capacity or electrostatic charges make other principles ineffective.

The operation takes place thanks to the vibration of two prongs, generated by the electronic insert, which is absorbed by the product when the latter comes into contact with the vibrating tines. The electronic insert is removable and can be powered with any voltage.

The calibration is completely digital, by means of two buttons and allows to select the type of alarm (max / min), the sensitivity (high / low) and the delay time (1s / 4s). Other features are: G1″ ½ threaded connections; IP66 mechanical protection; ATEX certified versions; Relay APTD output; universal AC/DC power supply unit.

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