Forming machine with ten grippers for sweet snacks


Robotar is a forming machine for sweet and savoury snacks that works with any type of dough, even gluten-free or with dried fruit.

Produced by Bi.Robotech, with its ten grippers it can produce up to 300 kg/h of product in a wide variety of formats and without changing any mechanical components.

The machine is easy to use and thanks to its user-friendly touch screen, it can form different types of specialities. Suitable for integration with automatic tunnel kettles, automatic rolling/feeding lines and automatic pan movement and tray loading systems for rotor ovens.

In the Minitar version with six grippers, the machine can produce 80-90 kg/h of product, while the Microtar version with two grippers can produces approximately 10-15 kg/h of product. The three machines fall under the industry 4.0 and South Bonus tax credit rules.

The main technical features are: Size 3000x1030x1850mm; weight 1000 kg (Minitar with six grippers); AISI 304 stainless steel construction; suitable for pans from 600×400 to 600×800 mm working width; handling entirely through brushless and plc system.

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