Destacker for cardboard containers


With its new Nuva Pack System brand, Vintek launches Depal Smart, ideal for destacking an entire layer of containers for each cycle in pick & place mode.

The machine picks the containers from the top, lifts them, and places them onto the sorting table that arranges them on the conveyor belt.

The gripping heads vary depending on the type of container: Inflatable tubes for glass containers, for example, vacuum sponges for light containers or magnetic sponge for metal containers. The speed reaches 35 layers/h. The machine is available in three models. In the basic model, the operator controls the head movement of the head by means of a joystick.

At the pick-up & release points are reached, the head and the movement of the gripping device automatically stop (inflation, vacuum or magnet are on). In the semi-automatic version, the operator controls only the descent of the head and the centering of the layer via joystick.

The remaining cycle (lifting, feeding, placing on the sorting table and return to home position) is automatic. In the automatic version, equipped with a device for removing inter-leaves or trays between layers, the operator only has to introduce the pallet.

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