Clean design pneumatic components


To meet the strict hygiene and health regulations of the food industry and to support the needs of machine manufacturers, Vesta Automation has been offering clean design pneumatic actuators for use in environments subject to frequent cleaning and washing for several years.

They are available in the most common ISO 15 552 (XJS/XJSS series) and ISO 6432 (DSM/DSA) versions, as well as the round series specially developed for food (RSSSC series, diameters from 32 to 63 mm). In addition to the standard dimensions, the company offers on the Italian and international markets many custom cylinders with customized fittings and mechanical functions.

Designed with technical solutions that guarantee wide access to internal components, the cylinders are made of AISI 304 or 316-L steel or with polymer heads. Seals can withstand a wide temperature range (-35 to +150°C) and are FDA certified. Resistance to corrosive agents such as dietary sugars, organic acids and saline compounds guarantees high performance throughout the food chain: From meat to chocolate, from fruit and vegetables to wine.