Cartoning packaging machines


When designing a new packaging machine, U-Packaging focuses on four main concepts: Compactness, modularity, ease of use, and reliability. Making compact machines is important because the costs of maintaining the packaging areas are increasing.

Modularity is essential for the need to serialize and operate controls on the product, which requires the presence of other machines on the line, which impact on productivity and increase of waste, while its user-friendliness allows access even to unskilled operators.

Based on these concepts, Mak 150 Smart was born, with dimensions of 3600x1855x1860 mm, equipped with integrated serialization system and multi-touch interface on a 12” panel. The machine is equipped with remote assistance and a fault predictive system via AI and achieves a productivity of 100 cases/min. Other technical features are: Machine weight approx. 1650 kg, installed power 4 kW, pressure 6/8 bar.