Chocolate moulding and flow-wrapping


On the 110th anniversary of the foundation of Carle&Montanari, CM-OPM and CM-Fima introduce innovations in every product line.  From CM-OPM the Nano Chocoline: a small line for chocolate preparation, consisting of Mixer MTE-250, first stage refiner HCP 303, second stage refiner HFI 306, and the horizontal conching machine with a single agitator shaft Alpha1. This mini-line is dedicated to small-medium chocolate manufacturers and industrial confectioners. Next Cavemil is a new intermittent chocolate moulding line in the 650 x 350 version for solid chocolate products and solid with inclusions, complete with AeroCore, a volumetric piston depositor with patented dosing system Ailp (Always In-Line Pistons), for depositing aerated and non-aerated chocolate masses. Another moulding developing is the Spinning machine for moulding hollow shapes and eggs. CM-Fima presents the S-Pack, an innovative machine for hermetic wrapping of Napolitains and small bars in an envelope-like wrap with easy-opening tear tape and Sweet Magic W/L, a special application of the well-known Sweet Magic designed to wrap pralines.  JT-DualPRO is a new dual-lane horizontal flow-wrapper, fed by a biscuit stacking loader for packing biscuits on stacks. CM-OPM presents SmartCell, formed by three independent and complementary modules for case preparation and bundle forming, equipped with two pairs of conveyor belts and two FastPickers for picking the prepared product groups and placing them into the case. Format change-over and production are entirely managed via control panel.

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