Handling & robotic stations


Cama presents last technological innovations made as standard on the full range of Break-Through Generation (BTG) systems, which mark a milestone in R&D: higher hygiene standard, open profile, safe “easy entry” and ergonomics, flexible frame and reduced footprint, energy saving engineering, fool-proof sizeparts recognition. IF318 Fully Robotized Monoblock Loading Unit is a “pitch-less” integrated platform for forming/loading/closing of food and non-food products into paperboard or corrugated carton or case. Working with a given product infeed capacity, are free to change the number, and so the pitch, of boxes handled at each of the 3 robotic stations, each one de-coupled from the other ones, thanks to the independent electronic movers. Moreover, the variable box handling device allows automatic changeover for all required carton/case size along the track, notwithstanding their shape and size, thereby making size changing useless. IG Complete Robotic Line packs flowpacks in multi-flavour and multi-layer different collations: shown with agreement by Cama’s Customer, a global multi-national leader in its sector, the system comprises of two robotic units in line.

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