Cooking and pasteurization method


The Micvac method for in-pack cooking and pasteurisation is a continuous process that allows the producer to save on time, energy, waste and costs in all steps.

The extended shelf life enables the producer to plan and be more efficient and it gives the retail the chance to have a wider product range. The last years have also brought customers and projects not only working with single portion ready meals for the retail business, but also preparing components.

“We see an increase in the demand for thermoformed products and pouches”, says Håkan Pettersson, Managing Director. “This plus our new developments with two compartment trays, round trays etc give us an even broader portfolio than at the last show.

Most customers still use our oval standard Flextray, but there’s an interest for more customer specific trays as well.” The major advantages are the quality and taste of the food, the extended shelf life and a very consumer friendly packaging. The origin of the Micvac method is production in a microwave tunnel.

In 2016, Micvac launched a new business segment which is in-pack cooking and pasteurisation in a combi oven instead. The result is also here an extended shelf life combined with food quality helping the large scale kitchens, restaurants to plan and manage their daily activities in a more efficient way.

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