Automatic lines for the production of gnocchi


Pasta Technologies Group designs and builds industrial systems for the production of traditional and gluten-free pasta, as well as gnocchi, and the relevant thermal treatments, such as cooking, pasteurizing, drying, cooling, sterilization of packages to extend the shelf-life of the product.

The production lines are characterized by a high level of automation, thanks to technologically advanced accessories and control software. The gnocchi lines are entirely automatic and work with warm or cold dough; they are available in formats with 8, 16 or 24 holes (300 kg/h to1500 kg/h), to meet the needs of medium to large producers.

Hygienic design and attention to detail are among the strengths of these gnocchi lines: the machine is fully open for sanitation, up to the most internal points that are easily accessible for cleaning, ensuring maximum hygiene in a short time. The high construction quality is reflected in the finished product, which has constant dimensions and properties throughout the production cycle.

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