Beer fermenters


During the lockdown period, Spadoni Beer Division, a company that has been designing, manufacturing and installing turnkey plants and accessories for beer production for over 20 years, has never stopped looking for new solutions to improve the working conditions of its customers.

And thanks to the studies carried out by its team of technicians, it was able to create Unitank 2.0. Not just a simple truncated conical fermenter, as it might seem at first glance, but a tool that offers the possibility of carrying out all the operational practices of fermentation-aging of beer. The model has been deposited. Certified to work up to 3 bar, it is together fermenter, maturation, priming and dry hopping tank.

In addition, it allows the pressurization of the product (if the carbonation of non-fermented beer in isobaric is required or the amount of carbon dioxide needs to be adjusted) and the sampling of samples without foam. The fermenter is equipped with a partial discharge on the cone, by means of which it is also possible to draw beer at different heights ensuring maximum yield.

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