Enrobing belt for chocolate products


Bravo’s Magic Carpet EVO is an accessory of the continuous chocolate tempering machine K24 EVO. It is a conveyor belt to completely or partially enrobes products, characterised by easy assembly / disassembly and use. The operating speed of the enrobing belt is controlled by inverter and can be adjusted.

The exit zone of the belt is equipped with an easy-cut system providing for a quick and easy cut of the paper avoiding any slowdown in the couverture cycle or damage to the coating belt. The enrobing area features an adjustable air flow, for removing the chocolate in excess.

For the same purpose, the coating area has an adjustable vibration system for dripping the chocolate. The belt is equipped with a reverse switch to reverse the direction of the net for the production of pralines and truffles. Another important feature is the very thin roller, for removing the chocolate in excess from the product base, thanks to which the chocolate in excess flows back in the tank.