Apple waxing


Xeda Biowaxer is an automatic machine proposed by Cedax for the waxing of apples.

The machine is made up of two distinct zones: a series of brushes at the entry, on which fruits, while progressing are coated with the natural wax applied through a dosage pump and independent full-cone stainless steel nozzles, operated individually by electro valves controlled by a PLC; and a cold-air dryer where the air passes through the rollers and the fruit, under a negative pressure for the complete safety of the system.

A tank under the rollers collects the drained liquids and evacuates them to the sewage. The constructional characteristics are: stainless steel structure Aisi 304; initial section with pex-crin brushes and gear motorization; drying section with stainless steel transport rollers Aisi 304 and motorization with gear motor; galvanized P35 feed chain; suction hood with centrifugal fan; motorized extractor; lower removable steel tanks; pipe for exhaust fumes; electric panel in stainless steel box complete with automation and touch screen. Solvent waxing composed with natural shellac in alcohol solvent, slows down the ripening process and the loss of weight due to water evaporation.

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