MODULAR SL, the multi-configuration and multi-technology automatic labelling machine

Modular SL automatic labelling machine.

P.E. Labellers has built its leadership on the concept of Total Flexibility, which is expressed at the highest level with the Modular SL automatic labeling machine.

When manufacturing companies or production line manufacturers ask us for versatility, we know exactly what challenges we are called to respond to, because we know in depth what requirements must be met. P.E. Labellers has built its leadership on the concept of Total Flexibility, which is expressed at the highest level with the Modular SL automatic labeling machine: completely modular, as the name suggests, and developed according to the Smart & Lean production philosophy.

Let’s take a closer look at it, from the point of view of one of those who conceived and created it: Luca Bonardi, Operations and R&D Director. The customers want to know why the SL Modular is different and what are the real advantages this solution provides. The first answer lies in the multiplicity of configurations and technologies it offers, the main feature of the machine. The Modular SL is an Innovation design icon, a highly technological solution and, for this very reason, extremely user-friendly.

In practice, it is a matter of having a single machine that can assume many shapes and configurations, depending on the packaging requirements. Completely interchangeable labelling stations are installed on it, which can be replaced in a few steps. One can switch from a hot glue technology system to a cold glue or self-adhesive system, so the changeover is really immediate. The labelling stations can be either fixed or self-standing carousels, therefore modularity is expressed both in the available technologies and in the configurations that can be obtained.

Another picture of Modular SL automatic labelling machine.

When customers see the Modular SL in action, they are impressed. Another fundamental factor is that the Modular SL is a machine dedicated to safety, which makes operator protection another of its strengths. We have designed this machine to be not only a technological prodigy, but also a safety bulwark for all the workers. The Modular SL has guillotine protections, which if raised instantly stop the machine’s activity. The guillotine protection system on the stations with cold glue technology are “patent pending,” a patent owned by PE Labellers (one of the 45 that the company holds) and which we are particularly proud of.

The various types of safety protections are applied at all the most delicate points, both on the machine and on the groups. Another great advantage that the Modular SL allows to obtain is the ability to cover multiple markets, meeting the needs of business sectors such as beverage, wine & spirits, food & diary, personal & home care, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. All these sectors require a level of competence and flexibility that can only be fully satisfied through a modular approach. The buyers of Modular SL are varied, precisely because it is a solution that responds to many different labelling needs.

Labelling station SLK.

All of them need to optimize their production processes, or “travel at different speeds” with more or less large machines: the Modular SL covers a truly extended range, providing 9 different diameters, from 576 mm up to 2,320 mm, with speeds ranging from 2,000 bph up to 72,000 bph. The concept of modularity is extended to every component of the machines and strongly oriented towards energy saving.

This is why Modular SL represents an effective response, which results in cost-effective production and real optimization of the lines. It is thus comprehensible why this is a labeling solution appreciated both by large multinationals with global diffusion and by line manufacturers, whether they are corporate groups or individual companies. Creating, designing and developing a machine like Modular SL represented a very important milestone, achieved by the whole company.

But the greatest satisfaction is seeing the popularity this machine has obtained from the market, which translates into concrete customer satisfaction. The best goal is when you give an effective response to a concrete need. In P.E. we try to make them score a goal every day.

Who is who

For 50 years, P.E. Labellers has made the history of labelling in the world, thanks to its ability to adapt labeling machines to the new production needs of companies and to the increasingly high quality standards imposed by the market. We always give priority to customers by listening to them, visiting them, studying their different production needs, interpreting their business objectives. This is how, year after year, the requirements expressed by companies have become the technological assets of P.E.

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