New shrinkwrappers


Baumer has implemented new patented applications on its shrinkwrappers. For example, the Automatic Reel Changeover System, with five international patents, enables to automatically change the reel without operator assistance, without reducing the production speed and without film welding.

The system can work with plain and pre-printed film, with film reduced in dimension and thickness. Each reel is connected to its own separate cutting unit, so as not to stop work when one of the reels is under maintenance. The Greentech tunnel for shrinkwrappers ensures a further 8% reduction in film thickness and allows to control the temperature and the speed of the air blown on the mesh avoiding any heat waste.

It automatically enters standby and re-activates in a few moments thanks to nickel/chromium resistances designed to ensure immediate power and fast heating of the air. The tunnel insulation remarkably decreases energy consumption.

To optimize production space, the U-Shape System is available, which, thanks to the elimination of the classic divider, guarantees a reduction in machine size of up to 50%. This system is suitable for bricks but can also work with cylindrical, square, rectangular and oval products.

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