Aluminium gear drives


Cube gear drives of the QB Series by DZ Trasmissioni are made of aluminium, a lightweight material that is far less prone to rust than cast iron and can undergo to a variety of treatments, as anodizing, phospho-chromatization, and GHA Golden Hard Anodizing, which is perfect for applications in the beverage industry. QB carters (in the picture) are designed as a single piece and not in four pieces as in the – now obsolete – classic cast iron construction; the result is a housing available for many different situations, and suitable for installation of larger bearings and gears while keeping external sizes the same, achieving increased performances and higher power transmission. Stainless steel gear drives are particularly suitable for the beverage and wine sectors. The construction of the monobloc casing in Aisi 316 L using a modern precision casting system, unlike many other groups obtained with welding systems, prevents oxidation of the welds, where the material structure changes and creates oxidation stains which must be absolutely got rid of in the food industry.