Centrifugal sifters


PARTISANIThe centrifugal pulsation sifter proposed by Partisani achieves a high output with very good quality of sifted products and minimum driving power absorption. Designed with very small overall dimensions and simple operation, it combines the great flexibility of the flow diagram with the very simple and quick interchange ability of the sieves. It allows three selections: one kind of flour, brown short (fine bran) and bran thanks to the screw conveyor placed in the lower part, which collects the products and carries them to the different outlets. The whole structure is in welded steel, painted with oven-dried food-grade paints. A rotor, operating by centrifugal pulsation, is mounted on dust-proof ball bearings. The sieves are in food-grade plastic material and stainless steel. The 3 or 4 separate discharge outlets allow the sacking of different types of flours, whereas the outlet spout on its side is used to select the bran. Every discharge spout is provided with nozzles and leather lacers. The sifter is driven by an electric motor, complete with V-belt pulley and two strong protection cases; it features adequate safety devices preventing its operation when the case doors are open.

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