Highly appealing labelling machines


There are many innovations that PE Labellers proposes for the labelling of bottles and containers intended for Food & Beverage.

These include Modular SL, an ergonomic and flexible machine already in the catalogue but now fully equipped with all the new labelling stations: Simpl-Cut™ Roll-fed unit on cart; FA-ST 140 m/min PSL units, on cart or fixed module; automatic reel junction, with adhesive technology; cut & stack station on cart, for cold glue; vision systems for orientation and quality control; multi-format starwheels.

Aurora 5.0 is the new shrink sleeve and tamper band applicator: A compact and high-performance labeller, easy to install and to maintain. This flexible machine performs four different shrink applications, with a production speed up to 500 cpm: Full body sleeves; Full body over-the-cap sleeves; Partial body sleeves; Tamper evident bands.

Modular CM is a compact and flexible labelling solution, fully modular and ergonomic, with a layout that can be reconfigured quickly and easily.  It houses labelling stations both with pressure sensitive technology (PSL) and cold glue, reciprocally interchangeable, replaceable in a few steps. Pictured, Modular SL 1120 labelling machine.

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