“Zero Stress” Dough Dividers


MR8 is the automatic dough divider designed by Sottoriva to obtain a wide variety of breads.

Constructed with a completely stainless-steel frame and covers, it is user-friendly: The dough is deposited on a 240 mm wide loading belt, then laminated thanks to the multi-roller satellite system that performs an anti-stress beating.

Adjustable thickness of dough lamination from 6 to 26 mm, with a weight range from 25 g to over 2000 g. The system is ideal for soft and leavened doughs (Ciabatta or Baguette bread) and guarantees weight accuracy. The unit is equipped with manually adjustable universal spreading belts and an inverter that controls each movement.

The production capacity ranges from 500 to 1800 kg/h depending on the thickness of the dough. The guillotine for transversal cutting can have different shapes: Straight blades for products like Ciabatta bread, inclined and/or triangle shaping blades, or different shapes as per customer’s specifications.

The “Touch screen” control panel can store up to 50 programs. Controlled via PLC, the machine is suitable to be coupled to lines with moulder devices, rounding devices, stamping units, cutting devices and tray loading devices for a fully automatic working cycle.

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