Dosage of spreads and peanut butter


Seven Fluss, which has been on the market for thirty years under the Tecno Fluss brand, presents the fully heated brushless MR-4 automatic dosing machine, ideal for filling thick and viscous products such as spreads and peanut butter.

Dosing is carried out by means of electronic volumetric pumps controlled by a brushless motor. All adjustments are made via a touch screen panel, for a fast and precise dosage. Product feeding is controlled by a double-wall hopper heated with electric resistances, with scraping blades and scroll.

The main design features of the dosing machine are: Heated jacket for cylinder; by-pass rotating valve; shut-off nozzle; heated pipes of dosing head and nozzle; no-drip nozzles; shut-off thread-cutter nozzle for clean dosing with no residue to contaminate containers.

In the standard version (without heating), the machine is also suitable for dosing food creams at room temperature, sauces, oil, soups, jams and honey, possibly with pieces. The line can be completed with an automatic capper produced by the same company, sized according to production requirements.

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