Wrapping machines for flowpacks


IFP Packaging proposes Twin shrink wrapping machines, designed to be integrated into production lines. All functions are fully automated, commanded and controlled by microprocessors to ensure simplicity of use. The control panel allows a wide range of adjustments on the basis of the products to be packaged and to the thickness of the film to be used (PPE).

The picture shows a bundling machine with high-speed robotic gripping for flowpacks in bundles wrapped with heat-shrink film. The common characteristics of the wrapping machines of this series are: painted steel structure; soldering bar; motorized reel unwinder; electronic welding temperature adjustment; electronic conveyor speed adjustment; product transport in the tunnel with steel mesh; electrical system controlled via integrated plc; armored heating elements ; self-cooling electrical and electronic components; pneumatic or mechanic soldering bar. The machines are mounted on adjustable feet.