Wire mesh belts for bakery and processing fresh pasta


WBT produces wire mesh belts used in various processes of the food sector, in particular in the bakery and fresh pasta processing industries. The wire mesh conveyor belts are made of materials that are capable of withstanding temperatures from -50°C to 1150°C and chemically aggressive environments.

The range includes a wide range of models: Compact mesh balanced spiral belts SCC suitable for cold or medium-temperature work environments, made by alternating spirals twisting to the left and to the right, interconnected by straight bars (crossbars) that are connected to the side chains.

The wire of the spiral can be round or laminated in order to obtain a flat surface, while the wire of the crossbar is round. If necessary, the SCC belt can be equipped with movable side edges, self-supporting frames and lifters as well as infill elements inserted in the spirals.

It is linear and stable during operation mode and has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The width ranges from 100 to 4000 mm, with mesh pitch by 1.4×3.5 10×64 mm. The available edges are: welded, bent, looped, welded with side plates.

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