WiFi monitoring of temperatures and humidity


In a world of endless digital possibilities, often temperature and humidity are still monitored with outdated and expensive methods. For example, by means of spot measurements with thermometers, whose measurement values must then be reported manually in a list with ample possibility of error.

When dealing with fresh and easily perishable food, however, it is essential to guarantee optimal climatic conditions. With Testo Saveris 2 WiFi data loggers this is possible, because the measured temperature corresponds exactly to the expected values at all the main cold measuring points.

The instrument consists of a data acquisition system with WiFi data logger, which can be configured with maximum flexibility according to customer needs and easily integrated in an existing network. What to measure and where is not a problem: there is a wide range of temperature and humidity data loggers available, and an even wider range of probes.

All values measured with the integrated probe are transmitted to the Cloud, where they are automatically stored and analysed. Thanks to the access to the Testo Cloud, all measuring values and analysis functions can be accessed anywhere and anytime via smartphone, tablet or PC; the alarm function sends immediate warnings when limit values are violated.