Weighing of micro-ingredients, liquid or in powder


Unica can organize production by automatically weighing the ingredients components – in powder and/or liquid – of recipes and batches in different processes of the food preparation industry. Produced by Lawer, the unit ensures the quality of the finished product, and the accuracy of the weight, as well as the repeatability of recipes, the correct balance of the raw materials, and contributes to improve production times.

The ingredients are stored in stainless steel 50 and 100 litre silos and dosed into buckets, either manually or automatically placed on the weighing trolley equipped with an electronic scale. The system can be be fitted with a double scale. The independent and removable containers are equipped with a cover lid.

An efficient suction / filtering device guarantees the maximum safety of use and a clean working environment during automatic powder weighing and manual filling of ingredients. The system captures the volatile powders and conveys them to the cartridge filters of the machine. Recipes are selected via touch screen panel.

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