Optical sorters for in-line inspections


Dryce is a sorting machine that can detect and dispose of defects and foreign bodies, proposed by Raytec with 12 frequencies of pulsed led light. The system can discriminate between good and bad product on the basis of the product’s optical properties.

Light reflection, light transmission and fluorescence provide detailed information about the examined objects. It is a versatile machine, suitable for the inspection of a wide variety of products, such as frozen and dry fruit, mussels and gummy candies. The new version extends the application field to products of larger dimensions, as peach halves.

The machine is equipped with a double vision system with four 4K cameras, a 3-Way reject system and a smart-jet rejection system. It stands out also for its innovative ultra-clean design complying with EHEDG standards, which dramatically improves sanitation to maximize food safety.

Last but not least, it is particularly easy to use thanks to the new software UNYCO all-in-one, enabling to monitor the whole activity by means of a single e-board.