Washing, rinsing, filling, and capping on a single monobloc

Sira Washers for big bottles, double-end type, for capacities from 100 to 3000 pieces/h

A new monobloc from Akomag for still water, suitable for handling recycled containers, thus cutting the amount of disposable bottles.

Sira, the new monobloc, has been developed for washing, filling and capping gallon bottles.  Designed by Akomag it can wash and sterilize new PET and/or 3, 4, 5, or 6 gallon PC containers and and 5 or 10 litre containers, both new and recycled. These containers are then filled and capped with still water, with due regard for environmental protection, reducing production costs as well. Thanks to its cutting-edge art design, the machine is extremely compact although it includes a complete production cycle. Flexibility and modular structure allow meeting different production capacities. The monobloc can be easily integrated into a full automatic line, comprising depalletizer, palletizer, cartoning machines and inspection units.

The Sira CM monobloc can wash, rinse, fill and cap large still-water bottles

Functional washing and volumetric filling
The washing cycle has been designed by Akomag to enable the client to “build” the machine according to his own particular requirements, adapting it to various applications, according to the needs. Accurate washing is guaranteed by the particular “High Impact Spray System”: a rotating spray operating at high pressure inside the bottle provides for perfectly clean sidewalls. When the bottles stop on top of the spray nozzles, a rotating nozzle is fed into them for washing their inner sidewalls by means of high pressure, devoting special attention to possible deposits and/or algae.  At the same time, special mechanical nylon brushes clean the container outside. Another mechanical nylon brush has been designed to clean the bottle bottom. The containers are then filled by means of volumetric pumps and valves, providing for top accuracy in terms of quantity of water injected into each container. Akomag also designed a new valve, providing a laminar water flow and the absence of contact between valve and container neck, providing for top filling speed and hygiene. The capper for containers of different sizes consists of soundproof vibrating hopper and a descent chute with pick-off dispenser. The bottles are closed by a tilted closing belt, with adjustable pressure, to avoid any stress to the container. The control board is perfectly visible from the the operator’s workstation, for an easy monitoring of the Sira Monobloc.  Bottle loading can be either manual or automatic; it can be adjusted to the different bottle sizes by simply entering the type of container to be handled from the control keyboard. For years now, Akomag devoted itself to the development of filling machines; the quality standard achieved for the entire production, the technology and thanks to the timely after-sale service, the company is a reference point for the sector.

…even for oil containers
For the producers of olive oil, Akomag designed Genesi LO, suitable for washing recycled glass bottles, thus providing for a perfectly clean and dry container, ready for this precious food product. The special drying system of the inner sidewalls features penetrating high impact nozzles, exploiting hot water at 150-170°C. Bottles are fed automatically, and sprayed inside with water at a temperature of 40-45°C; then they are transferred to a maceration bath with a detergent solution at 70°C.

[box bg=”#cccccc” color=”#000000′ title=’Sira: Complete washing cycle’]
– Bottle loading
– Automatic bottle loading and emptying, if required
– Pre-washing by spraying water inside the bottle at 30-35°C
– Outside brushing
– Brushing inside/outside by spraying detergent at 58-60°C
– Blowing for inner drying
– Inner/outer spraying with rinsing water
– Inside/outside brushing with mains water at 10-15°C or ozonized for second rinsing
– Final dripping and blowing
– Automatic bottles unloading onto conveyor belt
– Bottle filling.