Parmesan and other hard cheeses in all their shapes

The classic “wedge” of Parmesan, packaged in thermoformed film co-extruded with bubble technology. Ultra-thin, but providing for high resistance and elasticity

Cubes, sticks, julienne, grated, bite-sized pieces: endless cutting possibilities, thanks to the machines proposed by Lazzari, to shape Parmesan suiting the most different packaging requirements.

From the practical experience acquired over 30 years, in 2001 two companies were established in Verona: Lazzari Equipment and Lazzari Packaging, the first specialising in the marketing and servicing of machines for the food industry and relevant spares supply, and the second specialising in the distribution of technical packaging equipment. From the beginning, the company’s strategy aimed to offer its customers only equipment and products that could effectively solve the problems linked with specific production and packaging cycles. After long and accurate research of quality equipment and materials on the international markets, in a few years both Lazzari companies reached a leading position within the food industry, and offering today “also technical service for the full overhaul of dicers and injectors”, Franco Lazzari explains. “We provide routine overhauling of hydraulic cylinders; gear motor recovery; heads maintenance; overhauling of stainless steel brine pumps; furthermore, we offer also a blade sharpening service”. Competence does not rest on technical service only. It includes the design of complete processing lines, and a problem-solving team that faces the problems of existing lines.

Grana Padano Parmesan disks, without rind, fed to the automatic multipurpose Holac dicer, are cut in pieces with the sturdy hydraulically-powered guillotine cut-off blade.

Soft and mature cheese
Holac dicers are a typical example of the technology offered by Lazzari Equipment for the dairy industry. Suitably equipped, they can process any kind of soft or hard cheese, cutting it in the most different shapes according to market requirements, as dices, sticks, flakes, shreds and/or bite-sized pieces.  Their use is extremely easy and safe, thanks to continuous computer controls preventing breakage or processing errors. Active in the packaging sector, Lazzari Packaging offers special films for wrapping hard cheeses like Parmesan that have been cut in portions according to customer’s needs. Thermoformed films coextruded using bubble technology are excellent for an application that is becoming very popular: the packaging of classical 300 g “wedges” of Parmesan. Due to their peculiar structure in 14 layers, these materials offer high resistance and elasticity and are used to manufacture thinner films while generating notable savings on user side.

The Holac dicer is directly mounted on the vibrating screen.

Multifunctional cuts
The whole cheese form without rind is cut in 10cm high disks which are then fed to the automatic multipurpose Holac dicer. Without the need for pre-cutting, Grana disks are loaded onto the conveyor, and the dicer automatically cuts them to blocks by means of a sturdy hydraulically powered guillotine cut-off blade; the pieces are then fed to the cutting chamber where the cheese is cut to the required shape. The machine is directly mounted on the vibrating screen. The dicers provide easy and quick change of the piece thickness. By simply touching the screen, the final size of the cheese piece can be increased or reduced. The speed is controlled from the control panel, and enables its optimal integration into automatic processing lines. Holac machines can be connected to the company network for remote control. Daily processing data can be downloaded and stored from the office or other workstations, enabling the control of machine stops and smooth operation. The control panel reproduced on the panel with touch functionality gives access to user manual, wiring and hydraulic diagram, status of inverters and other machine parts.