Volumetric dough divider for Panettone and Pandoro


Chosen and appreciated in the industrial but also artisan field, SVP boasts precise and accurate pasta breaking thanks to the internal cutting system.

Proposed by MF Italy with a hydraulic closed circuit system and heat exchanger, the machine allows to adjust the pressing depending on the type of dough used, guaranteeing a medium or high production without stressing the dough. The divider is oil-free, i.e. It works without a mechanical lubrication.

The E-Receipt 4.0 package includes a storage software that allows following customizations: production speed; initial pressing (important to reduce as much as possible the stress on the dough); the speed of pieces rejection and activation of the divider (for soft doughs to prevent overlapping of the layers); the speed of the belts with adjustment of the thin oil layer deposition (for sticky dough); customization of the recipe, with loading of the production batch; product image and weight; automatic customization of weights.

The EasyOpen head allows cleaning of the inside of the dividing machine without removing any mechanical parts. Thanks to all these parameters the machine falls within Industry 4.0.

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