Vibrating screens for safety and control screening


Virto-Cuccolini has recently completed its range of vibrating screens VP2 for safety and control screening with the new model VP2 2000. These vibrating screens are an intelligent solution for the safety and control screening in applications in which the oversize product portion (product of larger size than the desired size) is about 2-3% of the capacity.

The standard position is in-line, below a silo, a bag emptying station or in the loading area of tanks, to intercept undesirable product residues and foreign materials, such as metal, plastic or paper fragments or pests. This unit is equipped with two lateral motors, a single mesh and a central unloading.

The height is designed to create a compact unit, in order to optimize the space available and facilitate the installation even in existing plants. In addition to the sizes 450, 500, 800, 900, 1200, and 1500, today the range includes even the size 2000, which meets the demand for high capacity now requested by the food industry.

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