Production of double sheet ravioli


La Parmigiana, with its almost 70 years of experience in the construction of machines and plants for the production of pasta, launches its automatic ravioli forming machine PR90, suitable for the production of double sheet ravioli that are already cut and separated.

The unit is mounted on wheels for easy transport, works directly, i.e. it uses the sheets directly from the press during extrusion. This ravioli forming machine is an evolution of the traditional RE, and forms ravioli in different shapes: rectangular, square, triangular, round and half/moon by simply changing the moulds.

The swivelling control panel allows to change the mould speed and the amount of filling with a simple gesture. The container with the filling is larger and it is positioned more easily than the previous model. An additional conveyor belt provides for easier collection of the ravioli on the rack.

The ravioli forming unit can be combined with D45-C and SG-30 presses. Easy to clean and maintenance-free, it allows the use of any type of filling.