Vertical plants for food storage

First station Imcar

Imcar technology let produce tanks in vertical, saving time and reducing quantity both of personnel and space, succeeding in high quality products

With over 60 years of experience behind, Imcar boasts the record of being one of the most long-lived Italian companies still operating in the sector of the design and manufacturing of forming machines for plates and profiles. Established in fact in 1955, it has soon gained an outstanding position in the national and international market, as reference partner, making available technological solutions in which performances, quality and reliability have become winning.

An approach that has allowed the constant adaptation to the ever-changing market dynamics. The diversified product range proposed by Imcar, which can be considered one of the most varied on the market under all respects, includes the Vertical Technological Installations, which let produce tanks in vertical inside the factory or in the field according to customer necessities and for several applications: food and beverage (wine, milk, beer, and fruit juice), petrochemical industry, pharmaceutics, etc.

Vertical system Imcar on field

Tanks in vertical. Imcar technology let produce tanks in vertical, saving time and reducing quantity both of personnel and space, succeeding in high quality products. Thanks to just two working stations customers can manufacture tanks in vertical and in particular with the first station they can bend from sheets or coil, cut and weld a complete shell in vertical, while with the second station they can align one shell over the other, weld them together and clean the circular welding.

Vertical installation by Imcar technology

This innovation allows to process tanks with diameters from 1,5 to 20 m, expandable to 30 m; to manufacture tanks without contamination; to reduce costs for polishing operation; to avoid the plastic cover for protection as it is no more necessary; to connect shells of different thicknesses; to avoid the “barrel effect” due to welding process; to replace coils easily and quickly; to move the Installation easily, as it is constituted by stations which let customers produce in multiple locations; to produce tanks in field thanks to materials and protective devices designed for outdoor use. End users can move the working stations from one site to another one, saving costs, reducing production cycle time and necessity of skilled personnel, besides they have no more to deliver tanks with consequent limits of transport rules and costs, but they can produce on site the tanks of whatever dimensions.

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