Vacuum packaging


Magic Vac Professional Jumbo 30 Evo Plus is the vacuum packing machine with extraction of air/oxygen proposed by Flaem Nuova.

Made in stainless steel, it offers guaranteed performance thanks to the powerful double pump (pump flow-rate 28 l/min). The self-locking levers provide for easy use of the machine, which allows three different sealing settings for: dry, moist and very moist  food products.

The cycle is fully automatic, with  manual vacuum cycle and instant sealing function for crispy and delicate foods. It is complete with a specific cycle for making bags for the roll, and features a removable lid for easy cleaning of the upper part.

Additional equipment includes: specific cycle for extracting air from the package; detachable and dishwasher-safe liquid-proof tray; sealing bar (30 cm) with heavy-duty cooling system; specific cycle for “Quick Vacuum Marinating” (12 minutes in the special container ACO 1073); analogic vacuum gauge.

The main technical data are: power consumption 130 W max.; heat dispersing sealing bar, 340 mm long; dimensions 41.5×24.5×12.5 cm; weight 5 kg; max. vacuum 0.83 bar.

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