Drying and heating technologies


Stalam designs and manufactures radio-frequency equipment for the drying and thermal processing of products.

Endogenous heating is the most attractive characteristic of the RF technology, which allows to generate “heat” at the heart of a variety of products. In this way, the heat is developed directly and instantaneously inside the product, without any losses to the environment.

The product heats up quickly and uniformly, regardless of morphology, thickness and size of the products, which can be bakery products, fresh pasta, raw materials and semi-finished products, dried fruit.

The controlled removal of excess moisture by means of RF from bakery goods, such as biscuits or dough, provides several benefits: control of the residual humidity and of the product final weight; improved flavour retention, colour control and shelf life; reduced breaking due to residual internal humidity; reduction of energy costs.

The baking speed can increase by 20 to 40%, allowing to reduce the overall dimensions of the baking line.

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