Universal vats for cheese


During the last edition of Cibus Tec in Parma, Giacomazzi presented the new Bertsch Foodtec and Giacomazzi Food Tech machines. The exhibition was an opportunity to present the new universal cheese vats and drainage systems.

Many innovations, including the design of the top, control panel and control platform, accompanied by design adaptations that above all improve hygienic performance. The universal cheese vat and the drainage line are true all-rounders, allowing the production of a wide variety of cheeses.

The main innovations on the universal cheese vats are: new external orange status light, in form of a led strip around the machine; one drive unit for each of the two stirrers, so that they can be controlled separately and, if necessary, paused one while the other continues to stir; redesigned motor compartment cover with cover in two parts.

The main innovations on drainage systems are: Pneumatic actuators replaced with hygienic stainless steel AISI 304 ones; hardware complete with certified 3A seals; updated software for management of work steps and machine washing to optimize fuel consumption.

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