Uniform salting


CADThe salting units proposed by Cad Project have been designed for salting uniformly whole cheese wheels. And precisely the pursuit of salting uniformity has driven the company towards the research of an innovative technology. Such machines, entirely made in stainless steel, are designed in order to automate the obsolete manual processing. Each cheese wheel is salted on the lateral section, then it is softly tilted by means of a series of idle rollers, and then salted on the flat side. An accurate analysis enables minimisation of salt losses during the process. Thanks to the scrolls and the steel hopper, in fact, the salt in excess can be recovered.  All production data can be displayed and adjusted via a touch screen control panel: salting time, speed, salt quantity (both salt distributors are controlled separately). The presence of two operators is required: one for loading the cheese wheel and entering the data on the control board; the other one for unloading and placing the wheels onto the pallet. Production can reach up to 600 wheels per hour, according to the type of cheese that must be salted.

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