Laminated paper and minimal film


SUDPACK 2Südpack Verpackungen presented Veraplex Craft laminates film with paper. Only 25 µm thick, the film improves eco-sustainability while maintaining the same product protection properties. Veraplex combined with paper also scores points when it comes to product presentation. The renewable resource ensures stability yet has a natural look and feel. The film combines the strengths of both materials: functionality of film and consumer acceptance of paper as a packaging material. Can be processed as a tubular bag and as a lid film on standard packaging machines. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, it can be processed on all standard machines without sacrificing performance capabilities. Its minimal thickness and reduced weight means that a roll holds twice as much material. This makes for longer runtimes with fewer roll changes during the production process. Veraplex’s high aroma barrier and puncture resistance make it especially suited for packing demanding bulk products. The film can be used in bulk packaging for industrial processing in the B2B sector, as well as B2C packaging for consumers.

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