Ultrasonic portioning & packaging line


For cutting soft cheese like Gorgonzola, Cad Project presents TZX2T-M, an automatic portioning line operating at 360°, suitable to cut to fixed weight half forms of Gorgonzola, and to place them directly into plastic containers that are then conveyed to the packaging line. The half forms are placed by the operator onto the conveyor belt that carries them from the centring and weighing station, go by the photo-cell for size control prior to the final packaging into the plastic tray. An automatic group centres the half form, weighs it and transfers it to the portioning area (for doubling the production capacity, each half of the form is fed to a cutting unit), where special measuring sensors control the correct weight, thus reducing production wastes. Ultrasonic knives provide for a clean cut, with no damages to the product. Transfer accuracy is guaranteed by the rotary table operated by a brushless motor and equipped with centering and handling device for picking each slice and placing it automatically into the tray. A de-stacker (one for each head) provides for the presence of the trays after each cut. During the weighing phase, in case of wrong weight in the tray, the line automatically corrects the portioning of the following slice. At the end of the cycle, the trays are loaded onto the conveyor belt that carries them to the pick&place unit for their transfer to the packaging line.

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