Aluminum for mineral water


Vichy Catalán presents an innovation for the Iberian drinks market. A new product, Vichy Catalán Limón, is likewise to be made available in cans. This marks a major advance on the Spanish mineral market, which is one of the country’s best-known water producers. The 33 cl standard aluminum cans are produced by Ball Packaging Europe, one of Europe’s leading beverage can makers. A natural mineral water is now additionally available in cans. By marketing the traditional brand in modern packaging, the company is targeting young consumers. With the mineral water and its lemon flavor variant, Vichy Catalán offers two products for consumers who want healthy, natural and convenient refreshment anywhere and anytime. Ball has many years of experience in packaging sensitive products like mineral water in beverage cans. Beverage cans keep their contents cool and fresh for a long time, they are unbreakable and they are very light in weight, making them the ideal container for products designed to provide refreshment any place and any time.

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