Self-cleaning separators and clarifiers


Espin is a new company with a long-standing experience in the design, production, and marketing of disk stack centrifuges for various applications: beverage, dairy, oils and fats, industrial waters, and so on. Wherever it is necessary to separate and/or clean liquids by removing ultra-fine particles, disc stack centrifuges achieve the best results, especially when traditional filtration methods reach their performance limits.

The applications for the beverage industry cover the clarification of must and wine, beer, fruit juices, tea and coffee. The solutions for the dairy industry include: warm-milk skimming, milk clarification and milk bacteria clarification, whey skimming and clarification.

The main features of Espin centrifuges are: Super Duplex stainless steel bowl resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion; parts in contact with the product made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel; cartridge-type vertical shaft; feeding system with soft inflow to prevent product damage; hydraulic sealing to minimise product  oxidation, hermetic sealing to prevent CO2 leakage.