Transport and dosing of powder milk



Not-Tec Europe participated in the construction of the first Italian plant for conveying powder milk for the confectionery industry. The technology allows to pick the product in powder at the exit of a vibrating fluid bed system and to transfer it to eight storage silos. Vacuum dense phase conveying is performed by “tandem” engines and Air Assist technology. This technology allows to convey high-density products at lower pressures, and offers various advantages: reduced compressed air consumption compared to conventional systems; reduced degradation of the conveyed product (smaller amount of fats released at low conveying speeds); automatic cleaning of high-pressure pipes, resulting in reduced contamination; savings on the use of the CIP system The storage silos are equipped with the Fluidizing Bin Bottom system, to homogenize the product arriving from several drying cycles by means of aerators. The weighing system, integrated in the PLC, provides excellent stockpile management. During the packaging phase, the product is transferred to the Big-Bag Loader M502, a complete work station equipped with integrated dosing and dust extraction system, to the automatic bag filling unit and to the telescopic loader for tanker loading. Complying with ATEX standards, the plant is designed in accordance to GMP guidelines for food-grade applications.

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