Steam boilers

Thermal plants


Since its origin in 1929, Mingazzini has always been dedicated to the manufacturing of more and more powerful boilers, up to the realization of today’s thermal plants, for industrial productions on a wide scale. Nowadays it manufactures steam (saturated and superheated) boilers, hot and superheated water boilers and heat generators studied in the minimum details and designed on the measure for the specific needs of industrials: from single units to key-in-your-hands boiler rooms. Product range includes waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) downward cogeneration and process plants. Seeking for advanced technological solutions granting at the same time energy saving and environmental protection led to the production of boilers with real efficiencies up to 95,5% and low emissions values. State-of-the-art boilers are the result of such an activity, with their up-to-date control and safety components, including electronic devices that guarantee maximum safety in functioning and heating plant management with two or more boilers in series. The boilers are also available especially configured for operating without continuous supervision up to 24-72 hours and/or with a global control system of the plant or the whole boiler room, using a multi-channel electronic control equipment or a PLC.

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