Thermal plants

Steam Boiler generators


The steam generators manufactured by Arturo Mazzi & F. are all exempt from the patented stoker and are supplied already assembled on the platform in stainless steel, equipped with everything you need for them to operate automatically. The range of thermal power is from 50 to 1200 kg/h of steam at pressure of 5 bar (for models up to 350 kg/h) and 12 bar for the larger models. The structural features of the steam generators make them very reliable, simple to use and economical in fuel consumption as they have a very high thermal efficiency, up to 93/94%. On request it is possible to purchase a suitable burner for each model, the ion-exchange water softener and also various options that can optimize the use of the generator and provide better performance and greater durability. The firm relies on a wide network of partners and distributors throughout Italy and in several countries abroad, that can offer to customers a commercial service and an accurate Technical Assistance and spare parts warehouse.

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