Cold glue labelling

The classical taste of Italian oil encounters technology


The Monini oil mill has been bottling and marketing high quality extra-virgin olive oil in Italy’s and the Mediterranean’s major production areas for 3 generations. In the Poggiolo mill, the company is committed to developing the culture of extra-virgin olive oil, raising awareness, examining and controlling all the parameters of the production chain: from the selection of the plants to grow to the verification and adaptation of harvesting, processing, and pressing methods. Over the past few years, P.E. LABELLERS has supplied the Monini oil mill with three cold glue labelling machines for their 8,000, 18,000 and 10,000 bph lines. The P.E. LABELLERS cold glue units stand out for their cutting edge structural and conceptual features: sturdiness, durability, reliability, thanks to the widespread use of low wear materials and almost no maintenance required. Besides the cold glue stations, the last labelling machine, supplied in 2012, is equipped with three adhesive stations, out of which one is for applying the U-shaped seal. The installed adhesive stations are among the most advanced available on the market. All parameters can be adjusted from the control panel with the possibility to store up to 200 different labels.

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