Steam generators


Pony’s steam generators are built with highgrade materials in order to guarantee long life and top reliability, in compliance with the CE regulations. Smallest steam generators of the 210 series, with low energy consumption (from 6 to 10 kW) with steam production from 3 to 14 kg/h, are highly requested by wine cellars and are generally used for cleaning up oak barrels and small silos. For industrial use, Goliath range is the ideal solution, going from 10 to 66 kW, for a steam production of 13 to 90 kg/h. Can also double that power on our Combi version, thus reaching up to 180 kg/h of steam. Goliath generators are available in three versions: Basic, for 8-10 working hours per day; De Luxe, for 14-16 working hours per day; Heavy Duty, for intensive cycles covering working turns on a 24/7 basis. Since the world is moving towards a lower energy consumption, the generators can be equipped with a energy saving device, with special pump, solenoid valve, and tank for pumping 90°C water, with relevant energy savings. For special uses, when “sterile” steam is required, special 100% stainless-steel versions are available.

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