Technology and versatility for Prosecco Valdobbiadene


CONTARINIFounded in the 1990s by the Tombacco family, Contarini Vini e Spumanti is based in Conegliano, the capital of prosecco and is currently one of the largest wine producers in northern Italy ā€“ it is highly popular both in Italy and abroad. Contarini’s wines are made with the state-of-the-art technology the company keeps investing in. Every stage of the production cycle is closely monitored, from the product’s origin to the final result. The product range comprises a distinguished range of wines, but its pride and joy is precisely prosecco. A client of P.E. LABELLERS for many years, in 2014 Contarini purchased for its spumante range a modular labelling machine that can label countless formats, thereby ensuring extremely quick label changeover. The MODULAR TOP 2320 32 labelling machine has 7 labelling stations suitable to fit interchangeable modules with a latest-generation module-coupling system, four cold glue modules and eight 90 m/min self-adhesive modules with non-stop stations; the plates are rotated with servomotors featuring integrated electronics and fixed electronic centring cameras for the various formats handled capable of detecting the coloured spot on the spumante capsule, trademark on glass or glass sealing line; all the labelling units as well are fitted with automatic control managed from the operator panel to make it easier to label a wide range of bottle formats. The labels applied are a glued front label or non-stop self-adhesive label, glued back label or non-stop self-adhesive label, large neck label with cold glue or non-stop self-adhesive label and ā€œIā€, ā€œLā€ or ā€œUā€ seals. It all comes with a top speed of 250 bpm.

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