Double confirmation from Cognac Martell for P.E. Labellers


martell étiqueteuses
Martell is the oldest cognac producer in the world (part of the Pernod Ricard group, global co-leader in the Wine & Spirits sector and number one company in the premium Wine & Spirits sector). Martell’s history started in 1715, when Jean Martell set up his own company and turned it into one of the biggest cognac producers in the world. Ever since, Martell has been making, exporting and marketing cognacs acclaimed at an international level for their extremely high quality and excellence. Since 2004, Martell purchased three P.E. LABELLERS labelling machines and in 2014 it bought a cutting-edge one: the MODULAR PLUS 2320 48 model with 8 self-adhesive labelling stations (90 m/min) and a non-stop system. Plus, their design allows for the future installation of other two additional stations, plate rotation with servomotors featuring built-in electronics and optical bottle orientation with 4 cameras. It is due to be delivered in these days and has already been tested at P.E. Labellers’ plant in Porto Mantovano before Martell’s team. A new order for another MODULAR PLUS 1120 machine had been confirmed even before the delivery of this labelling machine. Its technical features will be similar to the latest machine purchased, with an added packaging customisation to counter counterfeiting for this single product.

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