Adding value to the packaging process with robots

RC10 palletizer, with a capacity of 8 boxes / min of 8 kg each.

Known worldwide for its conveyor systems, FlexLink also offers safe and user-friendly robotic solutions for secondary packaging, such as machine feeding or collaborative and compact palletizing.

FlexLink, a Coesia Group Company, is the leading global supplier of material flow solutions for line automation and conveyor systems, along with a valuable know-how in the robotic field too. With a standardized approach to robotics, four competence centers, and almost 40 years of experience helping customers worldwide, FlexLink is able to provide easily configured palletizing and material flow applications, suitable for many different industries.

Not just conveyors, but a wide range of cobots. Known worldwide for its conveyor systems, FlexLink also offers safe and user-friendly robotic solutions for secondary packaging applications, such as machine feeding or collaborative and compact palletizing. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are robots intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace, and are designed to enhance efficiency, flexibility and production capability.

The combination of robot and conveyor solutions, together with the operator, enables the elimination of non-value adding tasks in the manufacturing process, from material loading to end-of-line.

A FlexLink tablet application with an intelligent interface facilitates the configuration of the layers avoiding complex programming of the robots

Standardized palletizing platform

Today FlexLink has one standardized palletizer that can be bought directly off the shelf. The RC10 is compact, easy-to-use and self-contained, avoiding cumbersome compressed air installations. The cell offers four standard configurations of infeed conveyor, and thanks to the smart design with quick connectors, can be easily reallocated to other areas of production.  Only one standard electrical plug is needed, offering a high level of flexibility.

A wide range of accessories, such as grippers and vision systems, is also available, making the cell fully customizable according to different needs. Safety is the first requirement. The RC10 palletizer doesn’t need a cage or fence systems, and operators can safely work side-by-side with the robot. In fact, the components and solutions by FlexLink pass a risk assessment process before entering the market, being complaint with ISO certifications.

The company created a diverse team that complement each other in regard to experience, disciplines and know-how, focusing on engineering, ergonomics, user perspective and regulations. Operators can therefore feel confident and safe, since the whole system is designed to improve operator convenience.

Easy to operate and always connected

FlexLink further enhances the user-friendly experience of its solutions thanks to its in-house developed Robot Config app, allowing a very intuitive control of the whole system through a simple tablet. The second generation RC10 an excellent choice for your palletizing needs, with even more advancements on the horizon.

In addition, the FlexLink Robotic team is developing new and existing applications for secondary packaging, such as carton loading and case packing solutions, based on the same FlexLink strategy that focuses on safety, user experience and mobility.