All technologies for the manufacture of liquid food storage tanks


Imcar presents its vertical technology for the production of tanks for the food industry. Customised solutions  studied, designed and made for customer satisfaction.

Imcar manufactures innovative vertical technology for tanks for the whole food sector. More or less thick liquid food products, such as beer, wine, milk, fruit juices or chocolate, can be stored safely, without contamination caused by external factors.

This technology enables the construction of medium and large tanks to be positioned inside the factory or in the yard, starting from coils or sheets, according to customer’s needs. The steps are essentially four. The first step consists in bending, cutting, welding and cleaning of the surface of the vertical weld to obtain the finished shell. This workstation requires the intervention of one or a maximum of two operators.

The second station allows the alignment of steel shells one on top of the other without the use of rings. After the manual spot welding, the automatic circular welding is carried out with internal copper and gas support, for simpler data setting and better penetration. The other two operations performed on the same machinery, are the compression of the circular welding, to reduce the thickness of the welding material and maintain a flat surface, and the cleaning of the internal and external welds, always with the assistance of a single operator.

Quality and safety. The advantages of Imcar’s vertical technology are: reduction of tank production times; reduction of the space required for the production of tanks; constant quality and standardized finished product; the possibility to reduce the number of specialized personnel; elimination of the tank effect; quick coils change; possibility of using metal sheet; plastic protection for the product is not required; material glazing at low cost.

The use of inner rings for the coupling of shells – even of different thickness – is not necessary. As the plant can be installed directly on site, Imcar can build silos of great capacity on site with the same high quality of tanks built internally. Working in vertical, some safety risks usually encountered in horizontal production can be avoided, because operators always work on the ground, as the shell forming and assembling process occur from the top to down, lifting the finished shell and adding the other shells beneath it, until the tank is completed.

Finally, several accessories are available to complete the construction of complete tanks, such as the dishing press machines and manipulators for dished heads of small and medium thickness, shearing and flanging machines, manipulators for dished heads cleaning, forming leg machines and half pipe cooling forming and welding.